DJ David Bitton – Miami’s Jewish Wedding DJ for Panama

DJ David Bitton from Miami is Panama’s best Jewish Wedding DJ playing the best Hebrew, English, Latin, & Arabic music! If you’re Wedding is in Panama, Paitilla, or at Club Hebreo, DJ David Bitton can play together with Safiro or Orquesta CAFE before, together, or after the band. Contact us below for more information regarding pricing, availability, and flights.


  1. Andrea Milhem and Emmanuel Attie
  2. Tamy Hidrie and Moises Kilzi
  3. Lydia Tawach and Daniel Mizrab
  4. Miriam Angel & Jacky Amar
  5. Liz Ben Basat and Salomon Attia
  6. Evelyn Tarazi and Raymond Nahmad


  1. LIVE from Joey Azrak’s Bar-Mitzvah (June 2015)
  2. LIVE from Tamy Hidrie & Moises Kilzi’s Wedding

Listen to us recorded LIVE from a Jewish Wedding (skip to tracks 2 and 10 for Hebrew music):



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