Corporate Saxophonist in South Florida

Our corporate event saxophone players are a great addition to any corporate event. Whether you’re trying to set a background lounge feel, want an upscale trendy vibe, or simply want a high energy dance party, our saxophonists can accompany any musical requests.

Bitton Events was recently awarded EventWire’s 2014 Corporate Choice Award for our musicians. We are also the highest rated entertainment company on since 2012.

Instruments Available:

  1. Violin & Cello
  2. Electric Violin
  3. Saxophone
  4. Conga Percussionist
  5. Guitar
  6. Steel Drummer
  7. Piano/Keyboard
  8. Bass
  9. Singer
  10. Organ
  11. Flute
  12. Accordion
  13. Harp
  14. Trumpet
  15. Bagpipes


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