Violinists, Cello, String Trio, String Quartet

Looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your upcoming event? Bitton Events’ musicians, string trio, & string quartet have performed at over 250 functions together since 2005.

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Customize your Ensemble:

  1. String Duo (two violins)
  2. Wind Trio
  3. Brass Trios
  4. String Duo (one violin and one cello)
  5. String Trio (two violins and one cello)
  6. Violin Trio (one violin, one viola, and one cello)
  7. Flute Trio (one flute, one violin, and one cello)
  8. Harp Trio (one harp, one violin, and one cello)
  9. String Quartet (two violins, one viola, and one cello)

Instruments Available:

  1. Violin & Cello
  2. DJ Ensemble (DJ with musicians)
  3. Electric Violin
  4. Saxophone
  5. Drummer
  6. Conga Percussionist
  7. Guitar (Tropical/Spanish/Flamenco)
  8. Steel Drummer
  9. Piano/Keyboard
  10. Bass
  11. Jewish Singer
  12. Accordion
  13. Harp
  14. Trumpet
  15. Bagpipes
  16. Singer
  17. Organ
  18. Flute

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